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'​"Overboard" is a blast of an album, pairing rousing rockers and power-pop charm'

~obscure sound

'​the listener is immediately immersed in an upbeat and raw energy vibe with rhythmic drums, intricate riffing, and driving guitars. Completing the music, we have tender and rich vocals layered in a lively disarray creating a dynamic, raw, and loose atmosphere . . . To get the full experience of the eclectic album, you will have to listen to all the tracks. Or else you won’t get to hear the rage, curiosity, rock n’ roll, humor, or mystery in the rest of the pieces.'

~illustrate magazine

'Their latest album “Overboard” is a treasure trove of the band’s unique musicality with 12 little musical trinkets inside, ranging from the unleashed and upbeat powerful rock songs, to the more chill folk/blues . . . this is ear candy at its finest. . .

”Overboard” is an absolute musical gem and it is a highly recommended experience'

~Rock Era Magazine

'Higher Music State go forward, guitars held high, on their new record "Overboard" . . . an alt-folk-rock and strong-headed album . . . The finger flipped at the political class in "Portrait of Henry" is absolutely electric. And if "Violence" is definitely sexy, it is also raw and brutal in its bass'


'Exquisitely rock episodes like the initial "Slide Off And Die" alternate with folk parentheses and country and alternative assaults . . . The only connecting thread between the songs is the incredible energy and imagination that characterizes the original arrangement of the album . . . An album to listen to and listen to again in order to grasp all the nuances and details that make up this amazing work' 


'Bringing back more of that bold and infectious indie-rock aesthetic they first emerged with, this new twelve-track collection makes for a wondrous return for the band. Filled with raw and driven textures, a soaring atmosphere, and killer hooks layered throughout, 'Overboard' sees them return to the fold with some of their most impactful efforts to date'

~mystic sons

'With each listen, one is exposed to additional subtleties and intricacies. A work of art!' 


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